ACHQ Executive Recruitment
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Association CareerHQ Executive Recruitment Concierge

The Association CareerHQ Executive Recruitment Concierge is your partner in finding the top-level talent your organization needs to succeed.

If you’re facing the daunting and expensive task of replacing your executive director or another senior-level executive, the Association CareerHQ Executive Recruitment Concierge (ERC) has the experience and know-how to help you attract and hire the best executives in the industry. Our clients are trade and professional associations serving a variety of sectors, including agriculture, education, finance, and healthcare, as well as other types of nonprofit organizations.

Whether your organization is large or small, local or national, has some recruitment experience or is hiring its first-ever staff leader, we can help.

What We Do

We provide the advisory services and support you need throughout the search process. We conduct our work in consultation with you: You will approve all materials and messages associated with the search process before we use them with candidates and other audiences.

We ensure that all candidates have a positive experience with your brand by communicating with them at each step along the way—confirming receipt of resumes, keeping them informed of their status, and providing notification to finalist candidates not selected.

The bottom line: We offer many of the same professional services as staffing firms do, but at a fraction of the cost. For pricing information, contact Association CareerHQ at [email protected] or 202-626-2891.

How We Compare

Executive Recruitment Concierge Comparison Chart



Executive Search Firm

Project initiation teleconference(s) to understand your needs and expectations

Development/delivery of a detailed project plan and timeline based on your needs

Compensation research to ensure competitiveness of your salary package

Development of job description, if one has not been prepared, or input on existing job description as needed

Development of candidate screening questions

Creation of recruitment messaging to inspire response from top candidates

Launch of position advertising and sourcing campaign, including social networking and peer-to-peer networking

Launch of cold-call recruitment campaign


Rank submitted candidate resumes and identification of candidates for telephone interviews, includes checking for red flags via internet searches

Telephone interviews with candidates

In-person meetings with candidates


Submission of screening reports to you with cover letters and resumes on qualified candidates, and review of reports with you to identify finalist candidates

Inform candidates of status – moving forward or not, and coordinate in-person interviews with you

Assistance with creation of offer letter

Inform non-selected candidates of their elimination

Guarantee of hire and performance


Other services available include primary research to determine ideal candidate profile, 360-degree professional reference interviews, and employment and education verifications