Model Forms and Policies

Model Forms & Policies

Don’t get caught off-guard when important legal and HR issues arise. Make sure you have the right forms and written policies in place to manage your team effectively and protect your association.

Many employers, including associations, don’t think about written policies and processes until a problem occurs. Yet many legal and human resources issues can be avoided or favorably resolved by having clear policies and related forms in place that can guide supervisors to the best solutions. In addition, federal, state, and local laws and regulations may require you to have written processes in place to remain compliant. 

While not every activity has to be documented and every behavior prescribed, there are several policies that every association should adopt, including those below. Depending on your activities, other policies could address conflicts of interest, antitrust prevention, lobbying, and expense reimbursements. 

Remember that simply having policies is not enough—employees need to understand and comply with them for the policies to effectively protect the organization.

Tools You Can Use

Sample documents: These sample forms and policies shared by associations can serve as models for your own versions. Explore dozens more from ASAE’s Models & Samples collection (membership required):

Benchmarking: ASAE’s Benchmarking in Association Management: Human Resources, Legal, and Office Management Policies and Procedures lets you assess how your organization compares to others in the areas of staffing, legal, office operations, and more, based on ASAE research.