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  • For Job Seekers

    social media dos and donts
    Social media do's and don'ts for your job hunt

    Whatever stage of the job search you're in, be sure to think about how you present yourself on social media, because potential employers are seeing you there. Here's a look at some things to do—and to avoid—in online social spaces.

  • For Employers

    The real reasons millennials quit

    Stereotypes about millennial employees do a disservice to everyone: They prevent a clear understanding of what motivates young talent and what steps organizations can take to reduce costly employee turnover.

  • Ask the Expert

    reflect before you leave your job
    Reflect and reach out before you leave

    If you're losing interest in your job, it may be time to move on, but stop, think, and talk to others before you submit your resignation. Here are some questions to consider and steps to take as you make this big decision.